The COMPLEX Annouda’s maisons is in the district of Scala Sotiros, a district by the sea in the north western side of the island which is 3km from the port of Scala Prinou and 15 minutes from the capital of the island, Limenas. It is famous for its big organized beach, which is full of sand and pebbles, and for its peaceful atmosphere. Ruins of the prehistoric settlement since the Bonze era have been found and are saved in the yard of the village church.

In a distance  of 3km lies the mountain village Sotiros at an altitude of 380metres by the foothills of mountain Ypsario. The village is famous for its mild and dry climate and keeps untouched its traditional houses, the old church and the spring of 1888 in the central square. It is the village with the fewer interferences and this fact makes it one of the most traditional and attractive villages for someone to visit. Big interest presents the monastery of Saint Panteleimonas, which can be reached via a path passing through wooded mountain slopes. And for those who love delicious food, there is the famous tavern at the village square.

From the multiplex Annouda the visitors have easy access in the following places:

  • Prinos Port  : 5min.
  • Limenas Town :15 min.
  • Organized  beach  :400m
  • Secluded beach :    40m
  • Health Center of Prinos:  2km
  • Supermaket:  30m
  • Bus Stop:   30m
  • Tradotinal Bakery:   250m
  • Service Station:  20m
  • Limenaria: 20min 
  • Potos:  25 min
  • Restaurant- bar-café- in the village