Activities in Thassos Island


You can do the tour of the island and discover the most cosmopolitan and isolated and inaccessible beaches by taking the small ferries from Poto, Limenaria and Limena. They are traditional wooden ferries and their owners transformed them into tourist means of transport.

For those who like trekking there are a lot of natural paths and by following them you discover magi landscapes. We recommend to visit Maries where there is an artificial lake, which was  created in the centre of the island among the mountains. It is worth having a walk up to there in order to enjoy the small waterfall which is formed. Discover the Ypsario, starting from the ascension from the square of the village Potamia. There is assign  which shows the path, a conclusive map painted with colour. In the south side of Thassos  there is a beautiful beach, Paradise which due to the frequent waves is the ideal place for these who adore windsurfing without missing the  remote corners, therefore, which are preferred by nudists mostly. 

If you like fishing go to Astrida and Kalami. Astrida is a picturesque bay with calm waters and the small island of Panagia is in the open sea close to it. Swimming, fishing and long walks in the rocky shores of Salonikios.

Kalami is a small beach in Astrida with rocks in the water and white pebbles outside isolated and ideal for spearqun.

The picturesque small shops in the market of  Limena give a different  sensation in your afternoon  walks. Buy manual weaves, sweet nut, olives  and  the fabulous oil from Thassos.
As far as the kitchen of the island is concerned, there are fresh fish in the fish taverns, the picturesque ouzeri and the tempting sweets.

During  the night enjoy intense entertainment in  the beach of Limena mostly. Limenaria and Poto. There are bars and clubs everywhere. Most of the people are gathered in the bars of the beach parties which are organized every night.