Monastery of the Archangel Michael, founded by the Monastery of Philotheous of Agion Oros; is one of the most beautiful monasteries of Thassos, hanged by the rocks and giving the sensation that is pending above the sea.  In the monastery is kept a piece of Timios Ilos, part of the nails used for Jesus Christ’s crucifixion. The uniqueness and the grace of this sacred object  was the cause of the huge arrival of pilgrims.

The ancient theatre.
Built in the 5th century, in a natural curve, with a panoramic  view of the sea and proves the noble spirit  of the inhabitants of Thassos, as far as the arts and the civilization are concerned.. There are performances of ancient drama today in the spirit of the cultural  activities of Thassos.

Palataki. Lying in the village Limenaria, it is  built on the rocky ledge above the sea. It is a building with two flats and two small towers and it was built in 1903 from the German company SREIDEL, which took  advantage of the invaluable stones of the island. It is used as a spiritual centre today.

Ancient site of Limenas.  Thassos has an incredibly large archeological heritage which is ideal to be visited by those who adore ancient history. The most appropriate point for the departure is the old port in front of the museum. This archeological walk is going to be unforgettable.

Alyki. The island of the Sacred rock. One of the most beautiful locations of Thassos. This bay is a natural swimming pool among pine trees, oil trees and ancient monuments.

Mines. Location with big interest. An old factory of processing iron, unique kilns  in the whole Mediterranean, land covered with black metal, outdoors exhibition of works of art with a deeply clear and white beach.

Church of Virgin Mary. It is dedicated to Virgin Mary which is in the specific village. The walls are built of marbles from the ruins of the ancient temples. You can pay your respects to the icon of Virgin Mary inside the church which is dated since the year 1814.

The village of the JEWISH
This region is  in the north western edge of the  commercial port of ancient Thassos. There are ancient discoveries which confirm the worship of ancestral Gods like Zeus, Athena, Diana, the Nymphs and Ifaistos. In a small rock was the sanctuary  of the ancestral Gods which was built in the 5th century . Today there are a picturesque chapel dedicated to the Saints and the Apostles and the remains of the ancient buildings. One can admire one of the most beautiful sunsets from here.